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When Madonna released her greatest-hits collection Celebration in 2009, she recorded three new songs for the album, and one of them, "Revolver," was released as a single to generate interest in the new anthology, adding yet another hit to Madonna's roster. This EP features eight versions of "Revolver": three with producer David Guetta (one of which features guest vocals from Lil Wayne), two remixes from Paul Van Dyk, an alternate version with vocals from Akon, and a "Love Remix" by Felguk.
Mark Deming, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Revolver [One Love Version] [Version]
  2. Revolver [One Love Version] [Version]
  3. Revolver [One Love Version]
  4. Revolver [Paul Van Dyk Remix]
  5. Revolver [Paul Van Dyk Dub]
  6. Revolver [Tracy Young's Shoot To Kill Remix]
  7. Celebration [*]
  8. Celebration [Felguk Love Remix] [*]