October 02, 2006
604 Records
Pop/Rock, Punk-Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

Fix Me was the first full-length studio album by Canadian-based Marianas Trench, one that helped put them onto the pop/rock mainstream scene with hit singles such as "Say Anything" and "Decided to Break It." Though the success of the album, which came from single sales, was marginal compared to what Marianas Trench achieved with their sophomore release, Masterpiece Theater, it did help the band build a fan base. The sound of their first album is more generic and radio-ready than its follow-ups, which are often quirky and catchy. However, without a first album that fits the mold of the later albums, giving them a launching pad, there's a real question as to whether radio stations would have accepted Marianas Trench at all without knowing their potential for success.
Matthew Chisling, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Say Anything
  2. Decided to Break It
  3. September
  4. Alibis
  5. Shake Tramp
  6. Low
  7. Push
  8. Far from Here
  9. Vertigo
  10. Alive Again
  11. Skin & Bones
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